Peaceful Falls Waterfeatures


Our specialty is swimming ponds.  Our artists create these massive entertaining landscapes using a design that sets us apart from everyone.  Even on our larger acre ponds, we still create a negative edge skimmer to recycle the water and eliminate debris that falls into the pond. We filter all our ponds using plants to clean and purify the water, this allows our artists to create a very natural setting for our clients without maintenance. All of our swimming ponds are custom designed for each client.  We have plenty of swimming pond projects around the La Crosse area and would love to show potential clients our work so you can see the water clarity and how they work.  These will also give you ideas that may be incorporated into your project.  Since these projects are larger in scale, our artists are very accommodating in showing examples of past projects in order to see the size and options available.  In turn, we can give a more accurate estimate in the cost for your customized swimming pond.